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SPORT has been our business and passion for more than 20 years. Please take five minutes
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Moltex Sporting Goods Ltd was founded in 1989 to meet the market demand for Pakistan manufactured sporting goods. Moltex began as a Sialkot-Pakistan based manufacturing company. Starting in 1992, Moltex started its transition from a local manufacturer to a manufacturer and International exporting company. Moltex chose Sialkot as its base of Pakistan operations because of its heart of Football/Soccer manufacturing educated work force, developed environment, and high labor standards.

-In 1995, Moltex set up its first factory in Sialkot, manufacturing inflatable balls bladders.
-In 1997, Moltex built its second factory, producing inflatable sports balls.
-in 2001, Moltex built its tired factory, producing Sports wear.

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